Here at the Letter Lovers Club, we love letters…
Curly ones, blocky ones;
Pretty ones, fierce ones;
Neat ones, messy ones;
Bright ones, and even bland ones.

We’re less about precision, and more about expression.

Less about rules, and more about risks.

We choose curiosity over conformity.
(The world doesn’t need thousands of people creating exactly the same art)

We take creative risks even when it scares us.
(That’s where the juicy shit lives)

And believe we’re all a little weird…. the real magic happens when we lean into it.
(The stuff you geek out about – letter that, it’ll keep you engaged enough to keep practicing)

Hi there! I’m Liss. I’ve been lettering since early 2014, which feels like exactly 5.78 lifetimes ago.

In 2014 I started hand-lettering, first with a brush and ink, then investing in an extensive collection of brush pens #buyallthepens. Over time I found my groove, which inks I loved (Ecoline liquid watercolours, every time), and which pens travelled everywhere with me.

Then in early 2016, I bought an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil and downloaded Procreate.

I loved it, then hated it, and struggled to really get into it for a long time.

But I persisted! And now, not only do I own a few more iPads, but I’ve created an entire library of lettery learning content to share with the world.

My teaching style is loose and relaxed, you won’t find in-depth technical work here. And while I’ve created a bunch of worksheets for you, you’re more likely to hear me suggest getting messy and playing around with your iPad until you fall in love with your own way of doing things.

You can find me over on Instagram as Letter Lovers Club, and also my personal account.

Happy lettering!! xx