Module 3 : Finding Focus and Flow


I don’t believe in a “hustle hard” approach to business, or promote the idea of building a business that requires you to work 100 hours per week at an equivalent pay rate of $3/hour.

I think that, once you’re focused, and you’ve found your flow, you can be highly productive even in small time frames. It also won’t feel like it’s a grind all the time because it will be aligned with your core goals.

That is not to say you won’t need to work hard, and do things you don’t enjoy. But that the goal here is to get clear on what it is you do really want, get better at decision making, and reduce the volume of any negative inner dialogue you’ve got going on so that you can achieve amazing things!

Once you’ve watched the video for this module, and read through the workbook, your homework for this week is to start writing everything down – every idea that pops into your head for your business, every thing that you think will need to be done to get your product/service launched, everything.

Your second piece of homework is to choose one new story to begin rehearsing, and to find at least one new way to do that. You can share them with me via email if that’s helpful for you as far as accountability goes – I will totally check in on you and see how you’re doing! And if you need help choosing something, or re-framing an old story, drop me an email, we can do this!

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  1. Nik Reyno says:

    😢 You’re such a beautiful soul. Love the affirmations and heartfelt support offered here.

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