Module 1 : Setting the Scene


Each module has an overview workbook for you to download with a guide to the week’s lessons.

There are three components to each of our daily lessons.

Audio : These will be short. My aim is 5-10 minutes. I want it to be achievable for you to listen daily, and I don’t imagine too many of us have hours spare every day for new content. Sometimes there will be exercises in the workbook to accompany the audio for the day. Links and visuals will also be in the workbook for you for each lesson.

Creative Prompt : Key to this course is the development of a creative practice, a regular creative practice. So each day I will be giving you a creative prompt to work with. The aim being that you spend 5-10 minutes playing with it, not stressing about creating something “insta-worthy”, and I’m providing the prompt so that you don’t need to think about what to write. This is for your own personal use, not art that needs to be completed and shared anywhere. Hopefully that takes the pressure off, and you’re able to just let go and create.

Artist Feature : I’m also going to be sharing an artist of some sort each day with you and having a chat about their style. I want to give you examples of some of the ways that people mix unique elements to create a style that is “them”. I don’t, however, want you to look at these artists and feel even more overwhelmed by what is out there. Don’t do that! The goal is for you to see the vast scope of art that is being created and realise that you have the freedom and permission to create art that feels deliciously like you.

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