Module 3 : You can’t do it all


It’s time to start making some style choices.

Reality is, you can’t do it all. You can totally learn pretty much any specific lettery style. You can learn copperplate calligraphy, or how to create hyper-realistic 3d style lettering. But you’re going to struggle if you spread yourself thin and try and do all the things, particularly if you try and do them all at once!

So, we’re going to pick through some specific questions over the course of this module and the following one, to create an overview of the types of things you’d like to create, and build a picture of ‘you’.

You don’t have to lock yourself into any of these decisions, but I think that making them is a super helpful place to start so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities. As we go through each question, lean into which one feels good, make some notes in the workbook, or in a journal, so that we can refer back to them in future modules.

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