Ooooooh. Your superpower is that you are an...

Imaginative Innovative Initiator!

Which is really just a whole lot of juicy big words to say that you, my lettery friend, love to push the limits. You’re a rebel, a rule-breaker, a trendsetter perhaps.

You’re the sort of creative who sees a cliff appear across the horizon and runs excitedly towards it… ever hopeful you will discover what’s possible on the other side if only you can leap fast enough, far enough, high enough.

And all of those naysayers who tell you things just ‘can’t be done that way’… well you flip them a middle finger and leap with abandon.

I love that for you!

You love the brave, bold, courageous artists who paved the way so that you can learn from them and then make it your own.

You believe rules are made to be broken, that’s where the magic lives.

And besides, it’s art! It’s supposed to be fun!

You just want to make all the things, all the time, in all the ways possible.

Because you’re willing to take wild risks, sometimes what shows up on the page doesn’t look as you imagined. A little ambivalent in your response to that, sometimes you’re dismayed, discouraged, a little put off… but sometimes you discover new and beautiful things you didn’t even realise you were able to create.

You're probably pretty great at:

  • Picking things up pretty quickly.
  • Taking creative risks.
  • Stretching yourself to try new things.
  • Making creative connections with fairly little outside input.

And maybe struggle a little with:

  • Slowing down long enough to practice.
  • Getting bored easily.
  • Getting a little overwhelmed – so much to do, no idea where to start.
  • Finding other creatives you connect with.

Now... can I let you in on a secret?

I'm just like you.

In case we haven’t met before…  Hi, I’m Liss. I’ve been lettering since early 2014, which feels like exactly 5.78 lifetimes ago.

I started first with a brush and ink, then proceeded to buy all the pens I could get my hands on here in Australia (it was a lot, but also never enough!).

Then in early 2016, I bought an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil and downloaded Procreate.

I loved it, then hated it, and struggled to really get into it for a long time.

Now, not only do I own a few more iPads, but I’ve created an entire library of lettery learning content to share with other letter lovers.

If you want to dive a little deeper into who I am (and since your creative style is like mine, I’m going to assume you’ll want to do that just like I would)…. you can find me over on Instagram as Letter Lovers Club, and also my personal account.

So where to from here??

Well first up, I’ve had my magical tech machines send a copy of this to the email address you popped in just before so that you can refer to it whenever you need a little creative confidence boost.

And over the next few days I’m going to send you a few more emails sharing my approach to creativity, inspiration, and iPad Lettering Learning, as well as tell you about some of the ways you can work with me if you feel like we’re a good fit.

If that doesn’t sound like fun, or you’ve already read this page and realised we’re not a good fit, please go ahead and hit the unsubscribe link in the email you’ll have received.