Your one-stop iPad Calligraphy Shop!

All of the lessons, worksheets, brushes (and more) that you need to create beautiful art with ease.

Whether you're brand new to iPad calligraphy, or you've been lettering for years and just need some creative inspiration, the Letter Lovers Club has been built for creatives just like you.​

We've got 5 deep-dive online courses, over 30 tutorials for hands-on learning, with more than 140 custom Procreate brushes created for each lesson so you get the most out of both the lesson and the brushes, worksheets, in-depth masterclasses, and some custom colour palettes to keep you inspired and creating beautiful art.

What's included:

5 Courses

A premium subscription to the club includes instant access to our signature programs :

30+ Tutorials

Once you’ve mastered the basics it’s time to dive into our tutorial library. Over 30 projects to give you endless inspiration and fun hands-on learning, with more being added (when the creative spirits inspire more!)

140+ Custom Brushes

Our resource library has over 140 custom brushes (the kind created specifically for lettering, by someone who has been immersed in the world of Procreate lettering since 2016). Each set was created for one (or more) of the tutorials included in this package, so you know they were created with intention and purpose and you’ll get practical lessons to learn how to use them well.

70+ Worksheets

A lettery learning library wouldn’t be complete without worksheets! We have multiple lettering styles, connections, bounce worksheets, flourishing guides, letter variations, common words, and a bunch of random words. If you’re a worksheet person, you’ll be in lettery heaven!

15 Palettes

We know that finding colour inspiration can have you stuck before you’ve even started. So each of the palettes used in our projects is included for you to download, along with a range of others just for fun!

To get the most from the club, you'll need:

  • an iPad
  • the Procreate App (you can download it here)
  • an Apple Pencil (you can use a different stylus, but we highly recommend using an Apple Pencil)
  • A sense of wonder and curiosity.

Why learn with me?

Hi there! I’m Liss. I’ve been lettering since early 2014, which feels like exactly 5.78 lifetimes ago.

In 2014 I started hand-lettering, first with a brush and ink, then investing in an extensive collection of brush pens #buyallthepens. Over time I found my groove, which inks I loved (Ecoline liquid watercolours, every time), and which pens travelled everywhere with me.

Then in early 2016, I bought an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil and downloaded Procreate.

I loved it, then hated it, and struggled to really get into it for a long time.

But I persisted! And now, not only do I own a few more iPads, but I’ve created an entire library of lettery learning content to share with the world.

My teaching style is loose and relaxed, you won’t find in-depth technical work here. And while I’ve created a bunch of worksheets for you, you’re more likely to hear me suggest getting messy and playing around with your iPad until you fall in love with your own way of doing things.

You can find me over on Instagram as Letter Lovers Club, and also my personal account.

Happy lettering!! xx

Why "Letter Lovers Club"?

So glad you asked!!

You see, here at the Letter Lovers Club, we love letters…
Curly ones, blocky ones;
Pretty ones, fierce ones;
Neat ones, messy ones;
Bright ones, and even bland ones.

We’re less about precision, and more about expression.

Less about rules, and more about risks.

We choose curiosity over conformity.

We take creative risks even when it scares us.

And believe we’re all a little weird…. the real magic happens when we lean into it.

Let's talk pricing

The Letter Lovers Club is accessed via monthly subscription, which means you get access to the entire library for a reduced monthly cost compared to outright purchases.

It renews monthly until you cancel, and you have access to all of the content while you have a current subscription. You can cancel anytime from within the membership portal.

Just like your favourite streaming service.

(Brushes & Worksheets that you download during your membership will continue to work after your membership has ended, you just won’t have access to re-download them if you delete them from your device)

We have created a tiered pricing structure as a way of acknowledging the reality that not everyone has the same resources available to them to invest in their art, while also knowing that we want as many people as possible to be able to access the Club, but without devaluing the work that has gone into creating it and the content in it.

Some are able to purchase the newest, largest iPad Pro with extra features and accessories, while others are working on their child’s hand-me-down and an Apple Pencil that only holds charge for half an hour at a time. I want everyone to have the beautiful brushes, and learn exciting ways to create letters, while also making sure I can pay my rent, and that each of my students values the time and energy that has gone into creating this content (money is a value exchange after all).

This pricing model relies on you, the wonderfully wild-hearted creative, reading this page to be able to truthfully assess your own circumstances, honour the process and value of what has been invested here, and engage meaningfully with what is on offer.

It’s me (Liss) trusting that the humans who are drawn to my work are also able to hold complex realities together – that art is vital to our world and accessibility matters, and also that creatives deserve to be paid for their time and talents.

So here’s the deal.

The true value of the club is $45/month. But, if that is out of reach for you, there are other options below.

Each option receives the same access, and I am trusting you to be honest about what is achievable for you.

If you want to read more about sliding scale pricing, you can do that here and here. And if you’ve got any questions, please use the contact form in the FAQ below.


If you purchase Lifetime Access, you’ll have access for as long as I inhabit this little corner of the internet. Both the current content, and anything new I add moving forward.

If you join as a monthly member, you will have access to the member portal for as long as your membership is current.

From there, worksheets, palettes, and brushes can be downloaded to your device. You will continue to have access to these if you cancel your membership, but will not be able to re-download them.

Videos can only be watched while logged into the member portal, so you will have access to those only while you have an active membership.

You can cancel anytime, it will renew monthly until you do so.

I mean, I hope you don’t hate it, that would be a weirdly strong emotion for digital art resources… but no, as this is a digital product and much of the content is downloadable, I’m not providing refunds on purchases.

Yep, this bundle includes my signature beginner learning program as well as heaps of other resources for those getting started.

Yep, I got you covered too. The 31 tutorials, 18 masterclass replays, and three other courses will give you hours of inspiration – beyond that it’s just your imagination that’s the limit…. and, well, I believe that’s limitless.

Look, you probably can get away with using a different stylus, but I want you to know that some of the features in Procreate work best when using an Apple Pencil. I would hate for you to sign up and then feel disappointed about not being able to make it all work. You can use a different stylus, but you’ll need to make sure you get one that is pressure sensitive.